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Caribbean, Central America, South America

Roughly 65 sisters serving in eight countries. Administrative center in Silver Spring, Maryland.


More than 750 sisters serving in twenty states and two countries. Administrative center in Merion, Pennsylvania.

New York, Pennsylvania, Pacific West

More than 300 sisters serving in two states and the Philippines. Administrative center in Buffalo, New York.


More than 500 sisters serving in: New York (Albany and surrounding areas), Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

South Central

More than 450 sisters serving in 18 states, Jamaica and Guam. Administrative center in Belmont, North Carolina.

West Midwest

More than 550 sisters serving in 16 states and one country. Administrative center in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of Mercy
We Are One on a Migrant Journey

January 13, 2017

Por la Hermana Virgencita (Jenjen) Alegado

Logotipo para celebrar la Semana de Paz de Mindanao en noviembre de 2016. Las hermanas de la Misericordia usaron esta semana como una oportunidad para hablar sobre la protección de los derechos humanos.

La Constitución de las Filipinas de 1987 es un depósito rico de derechos humanos. El artículo II, Sección 2 dice que el Estado valora la dignidad de cada persona humana y garantiza pleno respeto de los derechos humanos. Sin embargo, esto permanece como una aspiración puesto que nuestro país siempre ha estado sufriendo violaciones de los derechos humanos. Aún antes de los años de la Ley Marcial (1972-1986) hemos tenido experiencias de violaciones de derechos humanos, que fueron peores durante la Ley Marcial. Los presidentes que siguieron no mejoraron esta situación. El pueblo tenía grandes esperanzas de un cambio en el país con la elección de Rodrigo Duterte a la presidencia el pasado mayo 9 de 2016. Desde que él asumió el cargo hace siete meses, sus dos defensas fuertes son “Guerra a las drogas” y “anti-corrupción”. Hay una disminución de comerciantes y usuarios de drogas, pero hay un aumento de ejecuciones extrajudiciales. Los promotores, usuarios y otras formas de usuarios o comerciantes de drogas son ejecutados o rehabilitados. Sin embargo, muchos son esesinados. No existe ningún proceso legal apropiado.

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Content delivery is a dynamic space. You want a platform that can accommodate the unique requirements of any CMS implementation. Therefore extensibility is a key quality attribute of any content delivery architecture. Hippo CMS does not aim to solve every problem but rather provides an extensible platform that enables you to adapt it to your needs.

Extension Pattern

Hippo CMS’s delivery tier has extension points designed into all relevant areas of its architecture. All major components have interfaces, abstract base classes and various standard implementations which are extensible. Following the inversion of control design they are substitutable either through Spring configuration or even on-the-fly through configuration stored in the content repository.

Our delivery tier uses the Hierarchical Model-View-Controller pattern for page rendering. Both models - called 'content beans' - and controllers - called Jennifer Fisher Womens Long Pipe Earrings qiboiGjv4p
- are interface-based and are extensible and substitutable. Many use cases can be implemented by using or extending one of the many standard components provided. If needed they can be written from scratch.

Views can be rendered by different templating engines, with Freemarker and JSP implementations provided out-of-the-box. A standard tag library is provided and can be extended as well.

HMVC model extension using the HippoBean interface.

HMVC controller standard components extension.

Both the matching and the processing phases of the request handling by Hippo CMS’s deliver tier are extensible.

In the matching phase URLs are matched to a so-called sitemap item, which defines the page component configuration and content to render. This behavior can be extended using Angara Oval Tanzanite Engagement Ring in White Gold 97Jj18Pxx
to e.g. modify request attributes, add response headers or cookies, return a different sitemap item or even delegate the request to a different servlet.

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We raise contributions from donors and use them find, fund and support teams of educators and entrepreneurs who are reimagining learning so all children – especially those in underserved communities – have the opportunity to succeed.

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Celebrating 20 Years of NewSchools

Navigating a Future No One Can Predict

What Today’s Students Will Need Now for Tomorrow’s Jobs

What is the future of work? No one completely knows the answer, but we do know some of the changes on the horizon. Read our new report >>

Reimagining Learning: A Big Bet on the Future of American Education

What if everyone acted on a shared vision to create more innovative school models? “Reimagining Learning” describes work already underway by practitioners, partners and friends, and lays out a bold plan for the future. Together, we can accelerate the momentum to create innovative schools that prepare every student to achieve their greatest aspirations.

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Our investment strategy is designed to accelerate the pace and quality of education innovation so that more schools prepare our students for academic, career and life success.

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We invest in diverse teams of educators across the nation who are designing and launching innovative PreK-12 schools. Gemco Designs bead diamond ball bracelet Blue FJ4Cxy

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We make grants to promising entrepreneurs developing digital products and services that enable broader adoption of innovative school models. Learn more

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We fund organizations working to diversify education leadership to bring more relevant and innovative solutions to the field. Kenneth Jay Lane Black Maltese Cross Cuff Black Yshz5Pn

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Since our founding, we have invested nearly $260 million in 200 education ventures. Our investments were instrumental in the creation of nearly 470 new schools with the potential to serve more than 200,000 students, and the development of ed tech products that serve more than 60 million students and their teachers.

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