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Gurhan Long 24k Geometric Willow Flake Station Necklace, 40
"One of SF's best Chinese restaurants" - Order Take-Out Now!

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Authentic Chinese cuisine from a world-renowned chef

At Z Y Restaurant, we prepare delicious Chinese that is full of flavor in the Chinatown area of beautiful San Francisco, Ca. Our chefs are well known throughout San Francisco when it comes to preparing elegant mouth watering dishes that will have you coming back for more. We offer everyone’s favorite dish on our whether it’s egg rolls, pot stickers, curry, kung pao chicken, Mongolian beef, sweet and sour pork, and more. We consider ourselves to be the best Chinese food restaurant in San Francisco and with one bite from our amazing menu; we are confident that you will feel the same.

Z Y Restaurant is a well-known Chinese restaurant in San Francisco and we serve very famous guests from Presidents to Vice Presidents, and more! San Francisco residents continue to enjoy our hot and fresh Szechuan Chinese food every today. If you are in a hurry, just give us a call to order take out or Jennifer Meyer 18karat Gold Diamond And Turquoise Necklace ertB6mlQz
. We also have seating for private parties, banquets, and large parties for up to a hundred people.

Z Y Restaurant is proud to have executive Chef Han, an internationally renowned chef in the world of authentic Asian cuisine. He has gained his reputation by preparing food for some of the most distinguished men and women in the world. These include presidents, vice presidents, and foreign ministers of the People's Republic of China.

Chef Han prepares food in an exceptional way, with a traditional approach while incorporating new world flare. His national acclaim for fusing spicy Schezuan flavors and Northern Chinese food dishes has allowed us to receive outstanding recognition.

Z Y Restaurant is the 1st restaurant having Kung Fu Tea performance in the Bay Area. Chef Han continues to introduce Chinese culture to the eater. We wish the eaters having unique and fun dining experience in San Francisco. This is why local people and tourists love coming to Z Y Restaurant. Chef Han will keep surprising the eaters with good food and fun entertainment.

All of our customers agree, Z Y Restaurant is an exceptional restaurant for authentic Chinese food and is one of the best Asian cuisine in San Francisco. Our staff is friendly, courteous, and has extensive knowledge of all the items on our menu. We invite you to experience our authentic Chinese cuisine and to enjoy the amazing fresh taste of authentic Chinese food right here in San Francisco. Asha by Ashley McCormick Capri vYq8kDV3qJ
with any questions. Come dine with us!

Contact us today! (630) 444-0444

As a tenant representative, it is our goal to be our client’s biggest advocate and help them make the best and most educated decision possible. In order to do this, educating them on terms associated with square feet is important. Every commercial real estate transaction is priced on a PSF (Per Square Foot) basis and defined in total square feet…versus residential transaction that look at number of rooms and other defining characteristics. Although this may seem pretty cut and dry there are actually two types of square feet that are reference in common commercial real estate transactions: RSF (Rentable Square Feet) and USF (Usable Square Feet).

Understanding the difference between RSF and USF can mean a monumental cost savings in the long run-as the two numbers can vary anywhere from 3% to 20%. USF refers to the square footage the tenant actually can “use” in their office space. This space can be looked at as the private space a tenant uses to host its business, equipment, furniture, and personnel. On the other hand, RSF refers to everything the USF does, plus common areas of the building such as restrooms, hallways, elevator shafts, stairwells, etc… Therefore this number will be higher than USF which thus begs the question: Are offices usually quoted on a RSF basis or a USF basis?

Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to the question, as there is no rule as to which needs to be quoted (in USF or RSF). As a tenant representative, it is our job to inquire how the rate is quoted so there are no surprises later. Obviously if the square feet vary 3% to 20%, so does the rental rate.

Tenants are charged for the RSF as they do in fact use these common areas. Therefore, the RSF is tacked onto the rent. Other ways this is called out is the “load factor” or “loss factor.” Sometimes owners will say the loss factor is 10%, which means 10% of the building is taken up by common areas. This also means that if you are renting 1,000 USF, you will be paying for 1,100 total rentable square feet.

In a typical single story, private entrance building, offices can have at the low end a 3% higher RSF. This is due to the fact there is normally less common areas (no hallways, elevators, lobbies, etc…) and merely mechanical/sprinkler rooms. On the other end, multi-story offices can have a 20% higher RSF due to the lobbies, atriums, elevators, common washrooms, etc…

For more information on loss factors, load factors or RSF vs. USF, contact us today…and always make sure you have a knowledgeable broker represent you when looking for office space.

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